Dabbling [verb]

Definition of Dabbling:

play at; tinker

Opposite/Antonyms of Dabbling:


Sentence/Example of Dabbling:

Another suggestion was that they lost their reason already at Yózgad, as a result of dabbling overmuch in spiritualism.

One drinks in so much inspiration while one is dabbling ones toes in a willow creek.

A good deal of Classic went up, the work of academic amateurs, dabbling in Vitruvius and Palladio.

He compared the creatures dabbling, over the board to summer flies on butcher's meat, periodically scared by a cloth.

Thomas Ellis, again, prior of Leighs in Essex, took more loss than gain from dabbling in the art.

The hot blast of his sincerity sweeps away at once any impeachment of mere dabbling in the ultra-modern.

Mr. Franklin's universal genius, dabbling in everything, dabbled in what he called "decorative painting."

Lee wet a handkerchief, dabbling it over her face; he had never before, he realized, seen a woman faint.

And vowed they saw his ghost, which came from dabbling in psychology.

Worse,—he has been dabbling in Wall Street and may lose every cent he has.