Monkey [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Monkey:

One day she hit the shell in the wrong place--and they're still looking for the monkey.

I'm forty-four, independent, free, a slave to no man nor monkey.

For why should the loss of his tail have resulted in the changed chemistry of the monkey's brain?

And where is his monkey that first lost the prehensile power to climb trees?

We can only say that what is fittest for the monkey is ill-fitted for man, and the reverse.

Like a monkey he climbed up to its very top, and then, with all his might, he shot into the waves.

"And a brass, a silver, and a gold penny every week," said the monkey.

The monkey looked, and saw that the fox seemed to be speaking the truth.

After another hour's work the monkey made an appalling discovery.

So he gave the meal-barrel a kick with his foot to dislodge the monkey.