Gorilla [noun]

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Francine Patterson is the animal psychologist who became famous for training Koko the gorilla to communicate using what she called “Gorilla Sign Language.”

BlackRock, Wall Street’s 800-pound gorilla, is putting climate change risk at the center of its investing strategy.

The San Diego Zoo’s description of an October incident when gorillas in an exhibit got into a rumble and broke a layer of the window glass separating the animals from peopleEven the gorillas are sick of this year.

He’s the 900-pound gorilla when it comes to the Republican Party.

As she imaged more and more, “I started to get a feel for the difference between human and gorilla hearts,” says Kutinsky.

However, he notes, this new study is similar to the gorilla experiment.

Again, we have the fact that man possesses normally only twelve ribs, one less than is found in the gorilla and the chimpanzee.

The young gorilla which was kept in captivity at Berlin became quite omnivorous in its diet.

It is shortest in the chimpanzee, somewhat longer in the gorilla, still longer in the orang, and remarkably long in the gibbon.

It would be as useful to attempt to give the history of the gorilla as of man in the early stages of his progress.