Monk [noun]

Definition of Monk:

man who devotes life to contemplation of god

Synonyms of Monk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monk:


Sentence/Example of Monk:

But Wyland, the monk, was a man of magic and could see through things.

The monk has bound two books for me in return for the art-wares which I gave him.

They are all brothers, and are descended from the father of the Monk of the Yangtze-kiang.

Afterward the monk told the tale to the scholar who wrote it down.

Upon that the monk did not dare deceive him, but pointed to the hollow tree.

Once upon a time there lived a monk at Puto who was exceedingly learned.

Three years before in this stirring town I had felt guilty at being a monk.

When the monk had gone a little further, he met one who rode an armored steed.

He honored the Monk as his master, and thenceforward was known as the Wanderer.

Guan Yin, who had released him, gave the Monk a golden circlet.