Recluse [noun]

Definition of Recluse:

person who does not want social contact

Synonyms of Recluse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recluse:

Sentence/Example of Recluse:

"It is a long time when it is a year of suspense," said the recluse, shaking his head.

She did not work as devotedly as she had hoped to do, nor did she become a recluse from society.

He was however naturally of an abstemious and recluse disposition.

It was Father Sergius's sixth year as a recluse, and he was now forty-nine.

I am a recluse, have been for many years and rarely stir abroad.

But we ought to meet at many places, unless you continue to play the recluse.

He may talk to them—he is no recluse; but he must not talk too much about worldly matters.

I suppose he has grown a recluse, and does not care to see people.

But the recluse waived the entreaties of the young, happy couple.

The recluse of the island had brought it as a weapon of defence.