Extrovert [noun]

Definition of Extrovert:

sociable person

Synonyms of Extrovert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Extrovert:

Sentence/Example of Extrovert:

While extroverts gain energy from social interactions online or face to face, more introverted people can miss out on selection for a project team or being shortlisted for promotion because their efforts go unnoticed.

Before mass remote working, the default bias was often to recognize the strength and leadership potential in extroverts, but that imbalance needs readdressing, added Robertson.

She’s an extrovert with a passion for building connections with entrepreneurs and working with aspiring businesses to tell their stories.

The 2020 Polaris Slingshot has an all-new engine and transmission, but it remains for extroverts only.

The opposite applies to the feeling and thought of the extrovert.

If I said you were an extrovert, would that agree with your own judgment of yourself?

I don't like to be accused of being too much of an extrovert, because I think if you pass the limit it is too much.

What is your impression of him as his being introspective or an introvert or an extrovert?

The born extrovert adapts by means of feeling, thought being under repression and relatively infantile.

The introvert regards everything from the aspect of his own personality; the extrovert is dependent upon the value of his object.