Introvert [noun]

Definition of Introvert:

person who retreats mentally

Synonyms of Introvert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Introvert:

Sentence/Example of Introvert:

Whether you’re a fabulous cook who loves to entertain, or, like me, an introvert who relishes a dinner of popcorn and ice cream, you’ve been influenced by Beard.

This makes as little sense as being simultaneously an extreme extravert and an extreme introvert.

Furthermore, in the same way that few people are fully 100 percent extravert or fully 100 percent introvert, few of us are 100 percent egalitarian in our posture toward the world or 100 percent bigoted.

Gowtham V, a 13-year-old at Puvidham, is an introvert, his mother tells me.

Yes, introverts and extroverts do differ in important ways, but in fact they often grade imperceptibly into each other.

The acrembolic proboscis or frontal introvert of the Nemertine worms has a complete range.

What is your impression of him as his being introspective or an introvert or an extrovert?

Further, it is not the sign of an introvert to blow off on little things to your wife, as he did.

The markers introvert their marks and fall into desuetude—and the mummery is duly inaugurated.

The Major Maintainer hadn't merely been switched to Introvert.