Egoist [noun]

Definition of Egoist:

self-centered person

Synonyms of Egoist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Egoist:


Sentence/Example of Egoist:

You might think that your renter is an egoist, because he or she is presumably only concerned with his or her own welfare.

Was she merely an egoist—it ran in the family—or did it conceal much that she had no intention of revealing?

Ada's a good child, as good as a born egoist can be, but—well—we are not all made on the same plan.

You are an egoist to create all this excitement; don't you know that the maids are out in the hall crying?

It is an awful thing when a poseur ceases to pose, when an egoist becomes a human being.

My sufferings, my repugnance, my feelings, all my egoism—for I know that I am an egoist—ought to be sacrificed to the family.

But of this be sure, that no selfish, loveless egoist could have had and retained such friends.

But I am not acting thus from egoism: an egoist would find it easier-268- and smoother not to raise this question at all.

I am that poor fool, your husband,that blind egoist whose confidence you sought to winand to betray!

It was hardly worth while undertaking the journey from England to gratify such a desire of the happy egoist.