Egocentric [adjective]

Definition of Egocentric:

thinking very highly of oneself

Opposite/Antonyms of Egocentric:

Sentence/Example of Egocentric:

Here again why not follow the egocentric plan of starting with what the student knows?

I do not remember any particular case, but I always took him and considered him as an egocentric person.

Many moral philosophers, those of the Kantian school without exception, labour under the delusion of this same, egocentric view.

Taoism was out of the question as a substitute, because of its anarchistic and egocentric character.

His egotism, or egocentric method, is the fundamental fact about his work.

It is egocentric and a little inconsiderate of the importance of other people.

Studies of paranoia and of egocentric personalities have resulted in the discovery of the only or favorite child complex.

Both worlds are egocentric, megalomaniac, filled to the full with unbridled human will and desire.

If pragmatism is not egocentric, it is at least anthropocentric.

But you can't take advantage of her in an egocentric, arbitrary way.