Unassuming [adjective]

Definition of Unassuming:


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Sentence/Example of Unassuming:

His manner is affable and unassuming, and his disposition kindly.

The uniform of these riders of the western plains was unassuming.

He is sincere, and he is unassuming, a good friend, and a tolerant enemy.

I believe they are always natural, and unassuming, and sincere.

Mrs de Barral was an equable, unassuming woman, at that time.

His voice so sincere, his manner so unassuming, softened her strained mood.

In the character of an unassuming Dane whose conduct was most correct, they let him be.

What I like about the Irish is that they are so modest and unassuming.

He was a brave soldier and a modest, unassuming gentleman as well.

Nothing could be more simple and unassuming than their appearance.