Egotistical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Egotistical:

At this period Tchaikovskys attitude to his father and his aunts was slightly egotistical and contemptuous.

One of them was a burlesque report of an egotistical lecturer who was referred to as "Professor Personal Pronoun."

I know others who are still in it—and I watch their lives and find them to be restless, jealous, egotistical and idle.

That bracing up was only a part of the large egotistical schemes that dominated him.

Every dream is absolutely egotistical; in every dream the beloved ego appears, even though it be in a disguised form.

Accordingly this pleasure increases when the egotistical instinct is wounded, and diminishes when that instinct is flattered.

His pompous and egotistical likings are shown in his causing his sons to march in and out in a stately ceremonial.

Your wife is too egotistical and assertive, and her influence over the boy cannot fail to be detrimental.

"I'll confide to you that he is an egotistical and insufferable old ass," he whispered.

I have purposely reserved the egotistical bore for the last on this short and imperfect list.