Unselfish [adjective]

Definition of Unselfish:

kind, giving

Synonyms of Unselfish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unselfish:

Sentence/Example of Unselfish:

He was genuinely in love, even unselfishly—as far as he could be unselfish.

"What a noble and unselfish love yours has been," she murmured.

Steenie's unselfish solitude of soul made him every day dearer to her.

His mother was the most generous and the most unselfish of human beings.

Yet he had thought her a rich, large soul, as unselfish as pure.

Take heart, Ralph Ray, most unselfish and long-suffering of men.

The old man was deeply moved, but his was the most unselfish of souls.

Where all were unselfish, how could one who was utterly selfish dwell?

But Colonel Damer was as unselfish as it was possible for an old Indian to be.

Heaven alone can record the unselfish struggle I endured to let you play.