Devoted [adjective]

Definition of Devoted:

committed, loyal

Synonyms of Devoted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devoted:

Sentence/Example of Devoted:

A handful of amazingly devoted fans knew, and when NBC canceled the show, they pooled their money together and bought a two-page ad in Variety telling NBC not to cancel the show.

Readers, though, are disciplined, more devoted and committed to their goals, which, I’m happy to say, can be attained while eating a box of chocolates.

The unique value proposition publisher shops and marketplaces have in the crowded and ever growing e-commerce arena is ingrained and devoted audiences that look to the publication to guide them in their shopping journey.

This time, the President and his enablers did rally their most devoted followers to a higher purpose–defending his right to remain in power by any means, at any cost.

The pictures of flowers which this artist paints prove her to be a devoted lover of nature.

Claude de Vert died; he devoted much attention to the ceremonies of the church of Rome, of which he wrote a history.

After the death of Édouard Manet, she devoted herself to building up an appreciation of his work in the public mind.

Much more attention should be given than is ordinarily devoted to the consideration of rhythm.

All were of small size, and in good part devoted to spirited political discussion.

Devoted to the task that he had inflicted upon himself, he grudged every hour that kept him from the field of operations.