Disloyal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disloyal:

Desmond would not willingly confess himself disloyal, yet it is plain that he liked Queen Elizabeth best at a distance.

The complainants had unwisely mixed the charge of disloyal speeches, etc., with Church innovations.

The Nationalists have left no stone unturned in their efforts to prove that the northern Protestants are disloyal.

I came up to a house yesterday where the Dutch farmer, who was known to be disloyal, had just been arrested and taken away.

Mrs. Brookenham had repeatedly asked herself where in the world she might have found the money to be disloyal.

There lives not a man more innocent of a disloyal thought, or of a traitorous purpose.

In what a bold, forward, disloyal attitude she had been placed!

I have yet to be convinced that in some manner, she is not more a victim than disloyal.

I am sometimes disloyal enough to indulge myself in the hope that they baffled my successors as skilfully as they did me.

In the eyes of the wicked Pope, the Florentine reformer was a traitor and conspirator, disloyal and dangerous.