Trustworthy [adjective]

Definition of Trustworthy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Trustworthy:

Sentence/Example of Trustworthy:

We'll row, and send it back to you here by some one who is trustworthy.

No mechanic has a set of customers so trustworthy as God and the elements.

Yet, from the home standpoint she had been trustworthy, more trustworthy than most.

But she had been Jan's nurse, and was faithful and trustworthy beyond words.

I take it that trustworthy and honest in tangible things are much the same.

"You'll need a nice, trustworthy man to do chores," said Hannah.

I have cause to think of Jed Winslow as something sure and safe and trustworthy.

My business there is in the hands of a capable and trustworthy agent.

Trustworthy statistics relating to Mexico are not attainable.

I desired to confide my difficulty to him because he was one of the most trustworthy men I had ever known.