Untruthful [adjective]

Definition of Untruthful:


Synonyms of Untruthful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untruthful:

Sentence/Example of Untruthful:

Ah, then you admit you were untruthful when you said you laughed because you saw me?

Nature is real, and why should man alone be untruthful and unreal?

There can be no question that he was idle, untruthful, and unreliable.

I had no idea how insolent and untruthful these half-castes were.

And my opinion is that you are as uncivil as I've proved you to be untruthful.

I think it's untruthful to pretend to like people you don't.

He was untruthful, and seemed to have no idea of honour, and he had a hot, passionate temper.

Never tell children that you suspect they are dishonest or untruthful.

I myself, without half your temptations, was untruthful once.

It produces a conservative, untruthful, cunning, and non-progressive people.