Cheating [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cheating:

The crew is essentially the cheat code for discovering great new music which is why I partnered with Kay on this playlist.

The audience was different, too, indicated not just by the cheat sheet of politician’s names and faces at the host stand, but by the way the country’s representatives and others used Johnny’s more as a meeting hall.

My favorite comment is a bit of a cheat, because it’s actually a pair of comments, a perennial question and a thoughtful answer.

And a state of independence is only acquired by either cheating yourself or some one else.

I will not be false 267 to myself, cheating myself by shutting my eyes and saying, Ah, this is good!

Obviously the landlady, who did the marketing, must be cheating on a royal scale, and there was nothing for it but to move.

In the back room somebody was singing "Mother Machree" and cheating on the high notes.

I don't know the real rights of it, but I'll run no risk of cheating a Tristram.

I have laughed at you while you were cheating me; I have placed a premium upon your worthlessness and rascality.

I do not think any one in good standing in business has an idea now of cheating the Government out of tariff duties.