Dishonesty [noun]

Definition of Dishonesty:

lying; unwillingness to tell the truth

Opposite/Antonyms of Dishonesty:

Sentence/Example of Dishonesty:

Using tactics of stealth, manipulation, and bold-faced dishonesty, she follows the imperative of her heart into progressively dangerous, even illegal action.

He refuses to look at a mountain of corruption & dishonesty.

So clearly the scale of dishonesty continues to climb in presidential elections.

Engaging with it as a serious political event, rather than an extended exercise is dishonesty and lawbreaking, is to grant it legitimacy that it does not deserve.

Some men find it perfectly easy to resist allurements to dishonesty which others can not resist.

The singular dishonesty of M. Guizot and his master startled the politicians of Europe.

There are some legislators who regard moral cowardice as a virtue, and political dishonesty as a desirable kingcraft.

If we consult human nature, the only causes to which we can assign this reticence are, conscientious cowardice and dishonesty.

It is not, in public meetings, or in parliament, permitted to any speaker to accuse an adversary of falsehood or dishonesty.

I may, for example, accuse the Pope of dishonesty in misrepresenting certain well-known facts.