Artifice [noun]

Definition of Artifice:

hoax; clever act

Synonyms of Artifice:

Opposite/Antonyms of Artifice:

Sentence/Example of Artifice:

He used every artifice to prevent a collision between the French and Neapolitan troops.

This way of owning Guilt in a wrong Place, is a common Artifice to hide it in a right one.

Artifice is always strictly subordinated, and the poet seems to sing spontaneously.

Then you would recommend rank rebellion, either by force or artifice, according as circumstances might require?

He listened, fascinated, incredulous, asking himself if human artifice could invent such a history.

The latter had addressed her with the soft voice that maidens love; the former was ignorant of such love artifice.

So they had recourse to artifice, and invited an eminent medical man to their house as a visitor.

In all of them one sees intentional artifice; one sees that he is not in earnest, but that he is playing with words.

The hero of The Odyssey was, self-confessedly, no tyro, but was himself “in artifice well framed and in imposture various”.

It is a Bible exquisitely illuminated, with a letter attached, by some pretty silken artifice, to the blank leaves at the end.