Device [noun]

Definition of Device:

instrument, tool

Opposite/Antonyms of Device:

Sentence/Example of Device:

Rothamer and colleagues tested devices called mask fitters or mask braces — rubber or plastic frames that fit over the mask molding it more closely to the face.

Today he knows that magic was simply the diversity of a forest left to its own devices.

That’s not surprising, after all, 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices.

In others, we get impatient and set off explosive charges or use a powerful sound-making device.

New platforms will include slip-resistant tiles, LED lighting, larger digital displays with arrival information and service alerts, stainless-steel shelters, improved surveillance systems and charging ports for riders’ digital devices.

He cites letters he’s received from users of the device claiming that it literally saved their lives by detecting early signs of heart problems.

Below are some of the best to match whatever devices you’re using to get work done or play on your computer.

Her mother got a call the day after the story was published that her daughter’s device was ready.

Significantly boosting the number of qubits in these devices faces some major engineering challenges.

Last fall we surveyed Science News readers, asking what they thought about neurotechnology, including brain implants and other devices that already have the ability to listen in and change how our brains work.