Apparatus [noun]

Definition of Apparatus:

equipment with a purpose

Synonyms of Apparatus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apparatus:


Sentence/Example of Apparatus:

The scenarios laid out by the Transition Integrity Project and Foley shouldn’t be taken as definite outcomes, but they do make clear that the rickety apparatus governing our electoral process could collapse if key actors decide to push against it.

The increase in Hong Kong’s oppressive policies under the new national security law has created fear that the universal testing scheme is just another apparatus of state control.

Endorsing fewer candidates is part of a longer-term approach as the group’s political apparatus has grown more sophisticated.

Studies have shown that it’s easy to identify riders using this information, providing the city government with a massive surveillance apparatus.

He set up the apparatus in his woodshop and filmed himself coughing without and with a mask.

Previous experiments have studied Bose-Einstein condensates on a rocket shot into space that quickly fell back to Earth and in a tower that launched an apparatus upward and let it fall back down.

“The sepoys have come in from Meerut,” he announced with the slow tick of the earliest form of apparatus.

While the test is somewhat tedious, all the manipulations are simple and require no apparatus but flasks, test-tubes, and funnels.

Hydrogen sulphid is easily prepared in the simple apparatus shown in Fig. 30.

The endless miles of railways, the vast apparatus of the factories, the soaring structures of the cities bear easy witness to it.