Utensils [noun]

Definition of Utensils:

tool, usually for eating

Synonyms of Utensils:

Opposite/Antonyms of Utensils:


Sentence/Example of Utensils:

All the utensils should be cleaned and put away as soon as they are done with.

The Peruvians had gold in abundance, and weapons and utensils of copper.

Drawings were taken of these and other utensils and instruments.

They may all be said to have been in the “stone age,” as the weapons and utensils were mostly of stone.

See that all utensils are thoroughly clean and free from rust.

Why must dishes and utensils in which foods are placed be thoroughly cleaned?

Wares is commonly applied to utensils, as glassware, hardware, etc.

What wealth of splendid vessels and utensils was contained in the chests and closets!

With utensils lent us by our guard, we were able to cook some food.

And all her utensils that she had taken such trouble to make; what should she do with them?