Spoon [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Spoon:

He had been examining a glass, a spoon and some other objects so quietly that I had not heard.

Jack Bates looked up from emptying the third spoon of sugar into his coffee.

Do not use a spoon, as that will not loosen the grains sufficiently.

Boil them fast till they go all to pieces, and stir and mash them with a spoon.

Every man retired from the spoon, as Clennam did, cowed and baffled.

For to lose what is within reach of his spoon is hard indeed for any boy to bear.

Ho Sian Gu has a spoon, usually formed in the shape of a lotus-flower.

They eat the Sagamity as we eat soup, with a spoon made of a buffalo's horn.

The girl (see her) knew what journalists were, and refused to spoon.

When cold, break it with a spoon, and sweeten with sifted sugar.