Convenience [noun]

Definition of Convenience:

availability, usefulness; useful thing

Opposite/Antonyms of Convenience:

Sentence/Example of Convenience:

Elo said he gave the FPPC bank statements detailing the illegal expenditures — various payments to convenience stores and restaurants, and mobile transfers to Barrios’s personal bank account.

It is a vehicle that impacts actual lives thousands of miles beyond the coffee shop or convenience store.

They’re combining the convenience of e-commerce with the immediacy of stores.

So if you think about our cycle in the US, when we first started having tech companies in tech services, we were actually pretty happy with the idea of giving up some of our data privacy in exchange for that convenience.

As we said before, “Having certain Google Analytics data in Search Console can offer a big convenience and also help you see your data in new ways.”

They cut garments from convenience and then work hard to refashion individuals to fit them.

Of course, their convenience and accessibility, and the fact that podcasts present the info in easily digestible pieces, make them all the more crowd-pleasing.

Amazon’s brand of e-commerce was regarded as utilitarian and convenience-centric, ill-suited to the mores of luxury.

With no digital cash equivalent, then, a cashless society is a society in which we’ve traded financial privacy for convenience.

Kullak professes to have one, but he has so little interest in his scholars that he omits it when it suits his convenience.