Luxury [noun]

Definition of Luxury:

great pleasure, indulgence

Synonyms of Luxury:

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Sentence/Example of Luxury:

From direct-to-consumer startups to luxury brands, mom-and-pop businesses to CPG manufacturers, there are many companies that believe Facebook’s ads are indispensable in helping sell products online.

Popular luxury brands now draw a lot of influence from streetwear while some of the legacy companies in the space are still figuring out how to naturally merge the two together, in order to get in front of the next generation of consumers.

More than $350,000 was allegedly routed to Kolfage, which he spent on, among other things, home renovations, a triple-engined outboard boat and a luxury SUV.

In reality, Kolfage went on a shopping spree that included home renovations, a golf cart, a boat, a luxury SUV and plastic surgery.

In 2008, Levien joined Forbes to run the luxury women’s magazine Forbes Life.

With department stores and luxury storefronts closed, however, these brands are being forced to consider an alternate way of engaging with customers for the first time ever.

If you have the luxury of a larger closet but are a little light on funds, you can save space in the main room simply by putting your dresser in the closet itself.

In the past, received wisdom among luxury brands has leaned towards disdain for Amazon.

Back to basicsCaraa, which sells luxury sports bags, has been the hardest hit among the DTC brands I spoke with, because its bags are designed for many activities that aren’t feasible right now, like traveling and going to the gym.

Many of them don’t have the luxury of leaving and entering the country freely — they have to consider the validity of immigration documents such as visas, as well as how to ensure that they remain in legal status.