Luxuriousness [noun]

Definition of Luxuriousness:

great pleasure, indulgence

Synonyms of Luxuriousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Luxuriousness:

Sentence/Example of Luxuriousness:

The contrast of all this semi-tropical luxuriousness with its snow-capped Alpine background is not its least remarkable feature.

Here and there little areas of the rudest cultivation broke into a luxuriousness of orange, lime, and fig trees.

It wasn't conceit that told her that her black hair, not lusterless but with a satiny sheen, was rare in its soft luxuriousness.

You who are brought up under cover know nothing of its luxuriousness.

Antique and modern statues gleamed out of the general luxuriousness.

The conveyance that met them at the station had all the dignity and luxuriousness of a private carriage.

That is why it has so many needs, why it desires luxuriousness, and why it is deceived thereby.

There is a vast difference between an over-degree of luxuriousness and a due attention to the graces.

All the luxuriousness of his verse has gone, and the lines ring like sword clashing against sword.

They saw it coming directly along the highways of Vanity and Luxuriousness; and everyone became intensely wide awake.