Extravagance [noun]

Definition of Extravagance:

indulgence; waste

Opposite/Antonyms of Extravagance:

Sentence/Example of Extravagance:

The room was prettily furnished, and Georgie had often accused herself of extravagance.

What reliance could repose upon a house, divided against itself—not safe from the extravagance and pillage of its own members?

This is one of the truths which sloth, rapacity and extravagance are slow to learn, yet which they cannot safely ignore.

I doubt,” she answered, with the instinct of extravagance that annoyed Hubert, “I doubt if I know anything else.

But there was in general nothing Oriental about him, no assumption of barbaric pompousness, no extravagance of bearing.

The Dukes set an example of extravagance which was followed by the Barons who surrounded them, and also by the rich bourgeois.

Though she is the third richest ruler in Europe, she refuses to indulge in any foolish extravagance.

She is fond of good living and dressing, but she is opposed to everything that suggests foolish extravagance.

This extravagance of the women towards each other is peculiar to France, or at least I have never seen it elsewhere.

So I have tried very hard, without too much help, to hit the mean between extravagance and sufficiency.