Immoderation [noun]

Definition of Immoderation:

luxury; gratification

Opposite/Antonyms of Immoderation:

Sentence/Example of Immoderation:

This immoderation of her clothes, the fright she was in—so nervous at first that she could hardly stand—became her very ill.

But here it was done everywhere and at all hours and in all degrees of immoderation and vulgarity.

In addition to the immoderation characterizing our life, how much have the fruits themselves lost in excellence?

I am making strenuous efforts to speak with immoderation of an "infallible institution."

Just eating him alone was eating pickled oysters in immoderation.

The instant impulse did not permit himself to argue the immoderation of his care of her.

There were others who, with equal immoderation, committed themselves to the opposite proposition—that there was no God.

To-day, for him who hath eyes to see, the marks of a like immoderation are upon our generation also.

She stopped her horse and laughed with the immoderation of a boy.