Intemperance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Intemperance:

On the other hand, many men, by their own vice and intemperance, disqualify themselves for conversation.

His intemperance alienated him from his father, and he died in prison under sentence of death.

The clergyman was ready to draw an awful moral against intemperance from his history.

Avoid wrath and thou wilt avoid sin; avoid intemperance and thou wilt not provoke Providence.

We have already seen that several attempts had been made for the suppression of intemperance, and apparently with little success.

We now turned his mind to the subject of intemperance in drinking, understanding that it had been his former habit.

And those who advocate the moderate use of distilled spirits are indeed the real advocates of intemperance.

Instructed reason, and sound piety, have united their voices in decrying the evils of intemperance.

But like most temperate beginnings in the use of spirits, it soon led to intemperance in its most repulsive forms.

The history of the fur trade is closely interwoven with the history of intemperance among the Indians.