Spoiling [verb]

Definition of Spoiling:

ruin, hurt

Synonyms of Spoiling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spoiling:

Sentence/Example of Spoiling:

The result of the spore development is the spoiling of the food.

Perhaps I am spoiling the only chance I have to get any happiness out of life.

I'm just spoiling for something to practice on, anyway—and he's such a beauty.

These friends of yours were bent on spoiling a good man to make bad meat.

You were all spoiling for a fight—and there did seem to be the makings of a beautiful row!

Then he began to dig about it carefully to keep from spoiling the honey.

That little curé would be afraid of spoiling his little white hands!

Then we must abstain from spoiling the dead or hindering their burial?

You know, Caroline, that money and what it brought was spoiling Steve.

But it would be a sin to allow it; it would be spoiling a saint to patch up a sinner.