Decorate [verb]

Definition of Decorate:

beautify, embellish

Synonyms of Decorate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Decorate:

Sentence/Example of Decorate:

We’re equally pleased with Curran’s silken sunchoke custard decorated with coins of the pickled vegetable.

Last year, everyone was decorating earlier for Christmas and Halloween.

She would invite friends for Thanksgiving and Easter dinners at her home, which is decorated with a mix of artwork by her mother and friends, plus a few posters of the Grateful Dead, one of her favorite bands.

Further excavation revealed the figurine had come from an elaborately decorated room that he dubbed a temple.

Although Gronkowski was born 144 days earlier, he is clearly on the downslope of his decorated career, whereas Kelce is the NFL’s top player at their position and is coming off a record-setting campaign.

Stewart also admits he falsely claimed to be a decorated Marine, garnering over $73,000 in excess VA benefits.

Samir started learning about American traditions, like decorating pumpkins for Halloween.

Animal Crossing is a game that relies on players to have ample time to spend collecting, decorating and personalizing things only to show them to other people who have collected, decorated and personalized their own life away.

The next morning, after pinching yourself and realizing this is not a dream, and you really do have a beautiful mashed potato cake waiting in the fridge, it’s time to decorate your new child.

The six-time Grammy winner has grown into a decorated producer, helping oversee the careers of artists spanning multiple decades and eras — from 2Pac and Snoop Dogg to Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.