Gild [verb]

Definition of Gild:

embellish, decorate

Synonyms of Gild:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gild:

Sentence/Example of Gild:

Tender pearls of quinoa and crunchy chia seeds get mixed with velvety oatmeal in this bowl, which is gilded with sweet, caramelized bananas.

You can fill your thermos with this or further gild the lily by adding a four-to-six-ounce pour of gin or whiskey to the top.

The growing exclusiveness of the merchant gild led to the great insurrection of 1312.

The first documentary evidence of the existence of the merchant gild appears in 1242.

The Merchant Gild is too wide a subject to be treated in an Essay such as this.

Bearing this in mind, deviations—apparent or real—from the ordinary course of Gild history will cause us no surprise.

The chief distinction indeed between town and country lay in the fact that the former had a Merchant Gild.

In another way also the “foreigners” who were members of the Merchant Gild were useful to the burgess-members of it.

This was in no sense the Merchant Gild, though probably all the members of the select body would be members of the Gild.

This restricted trading was not prejudicial to the town because practically all the burgesses were members of the Gild.