Adorn [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Adorn:

We preen our hair, adorn our bodies with ornaments, tattoos and makeup.

Canada Goose, long criticized for its use of coyote fur, said in April it would stop buying new fur from trappers but would continue to adorn coats with recycled fur.

Yet thanks to those small worms, the soil on this antipodean ranch sucks up carbon dioxide while growing grass to feed the sheep that produce the wool that adorn the feet of hipsters a world away.

Cowries adorned the clothing of dancers, warriors, and the richest families.

Collina Strada sells stunning masks adorned in bright prints and tied with bows.

They name the deceased child an angelito, (little angel), and adorn it in every possible way.

Shortly there appeared a youngish man, constructed by nature to adorn wearing apparel.

He liked to adorn her with jewels, to see her dance, and to tell her what sport he had had with his dogs and his falcons.

Such men could not fail to adorn the faith they professed, and do honour to the Church in which they had been nurtured.

It is only,” replies the friar, “to grace and adorn my speech; it is the colour of a Ciceronian rhetoric.