Mar [verb]

Definition of Mar:

hurt, damage

Synonyms of Mar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mar:

Sentence/Example of Mar:

Yet, these afflictions were not the worst injuries to mar the girl convict's life.

Now is the time for a determined stand; now can we make or mar ourselves.

The name is your own to make or to mar, and you ought to be proud to hand it down.

"Mar—" began Mandy Calline, looking at her mother appealingly.

Among them was one which had been out in the campaigns of 1689 (Dundee's), 1715 (Mar's), and in 1745-6.

And yet the thought of that wretched Silvere must come to mar his hour of triumph!

"Read me all the women's names, in which the first name begins with 'Mar,'" Duvall said.

It had better not be based on pecuniary obligations; these more often mar than make a friendship.

He had told her there was nothing to come that need mar her happiness or disturb her love.

Were it not sinful, then, to suffer the intrusion of aught that may mar such unity?