Schedule [noun]

Definition of Schedule:

plan for one's time

Synonyms of Schedule:

Opposite/Antonyms of Schedule:

Sentence/Example of Schedule:

The schedule of maximum rates applies to all Class "A" roads.

Forty miles an hour on schedule—and where would they be now?

She had no schedule, no routine, no rules either for herself or others.

It was up to the men of action to get them through within the schedule.

We're making out our schedule, and you don't know what you're missing!

We then, as you will see by the schedule, commence the first hour of the day.

You will observe then, that there follows upon the schedule, a quarter of an hour marked G.

The time for the recess is a quarter of an hour, and as you will see, it is marked R. on the schedule.

"I want the documents referred to in Schedule A," I answered.

But it was merely a short local hop from one of the planets on the schedule.