Appointments [noun]

Definition of Appointments:

arrangement for meeting; prearranged meeting

Synonyms of Appointments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appointments:


Sentence/Example of Appointments:

Two appointments from your Majesty came last year to this metropolitan church of Manila.

It was a splendid mansion, with its countless rooms and gorgeous appointments.

If you have many gentlemen visiters, check too frequent calls, and make no appointments with them.

The appointments on these vessels are as follows: The commander, three years; lieutenants, two years.

He took the red book in his hand, however, and there saw the different appointments.

The new Mayor had it in his power to change the character of the Board, and he carefully considered his appointments.

I need not warn you to be discreet; that is the first virtue of any man who hopes to hold public appointments.'

In the subsequent shifting of appointments this very man became governor of Hamath, and found a way to vent his spite at the poet.

The number of his appointments, for instance, might well be lessened.

I can recall some of these personal appointments, but I tell you they are very few.