Date [noun]

Definition of Date:

point in time; particular day or time

Synonyms of Date:

Opposite/Antonyms of Date:


Sentence/Example of Date:

If we’re talking about something or we’re watching a show … I’ll use conversations that we’re having as fodder for date conversations.

You can add it to your listing or your clients’ profiles by adding an opening date under the “Info” option in the admin menu.

They had met one year earlier, on Valentine’s Day 2019, on a date where everything seemed to go right.

So if your business has been around for some time, adding the open date can help encourage a searcher to click on your listing and potentially call or visit your location, hopefully ultimately leading to a sale.

Four of those have already been made up, and another two have rescheduled dates set.

I was so tired again, remembering that this was how I’d felt for almost 12 months, until that silly first date.

If you’re at a restaurant and you get up to use the bathroom, you’re still in a physical place together, so the date doesn’t just end.

There’s less than one month until the proposed date of the All-Star Game, and the NBA still hasn’t officially announced its plans.

Here’s a primer to bring you up to speed on what SKADNetwork is, how it will work and what to watch out for as the due date gets closer.

He wasn’t much more forthcoming about when he and fiancee Brittany Matthews would welcome Mini Mahomes, telling reporters last week that he was not allowed to reveal the due date but hoped Matthews could “hold off” on giving birth.