Century [adjective]

Definition of Century:

of one hundred years

Synonyms of Century:

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Sentence/Example of Century:

El Imparcial maintained that he was worthy of being honoured as a 19th century conquering hero.

It is a lofty and richly-decorated pile of the fourteenth century; and tells of the labours and the wealth of a foreign land.

We live in an age that is at best about a century and a half old—the age of machinery and power.

John of Damascus, an important Greek theologian of the eighth century, often cited by Thomas.

During the last century these were recast, and addition made to the peal, which now consists of twelve.

We can thus disregard the first 16 and consider only the last two figures which constitute the fraction of a century.

Early in the Seventeenth Century tobacco found its way to Constantinople.

Hereditary legislation in the twentieth century and the most civilized country in the world!

The economists and the leading thinkers of the nineteenth century were in no doubt about this question.

Methodius and Cyril, who were sent missionaries to the Sclavonians in the ninth century.