Year [noun]

Definition of Year:

extent of object, distance, time

Opposite/Antonyms of Year:

Sentence/Example of Year:

But if she had any such thing I'm sure it was ended, and she'd have jumped at this chance a year ago.

How's it come you didn't have a Western Union frank this year?

Why, of course not, Uncle Peter; only I had to look around some at first,—for a year or so.

After a year of that, he'll be taken into the office and his hours will be cut down to eight.

Now it assembles the blossoms of a whole long year to bewilder and allure.

I don't think he ever got over the death of his brother, about a year ago.

At this season of the year the vintagers are joyous and negligent.

It was hard to say at which season of the year Overton campus was most beautiful.

The old snapshot of the year before, which Jasper had taken?

Father died only a year later and I have taken care of her all her life.