Stride [verb]

Definition of Stride:

walk purposefully

Synonyms of Stride:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stride:


Sentence/Example of Stride:

With the Porters it was jingle of spurs, and stride of the horse.

Mr Vladimir did not stumble, did not stagger back, did not change his stride.

At the end of the fourth stride Mr Vladimir felt infuriated and uneasy.

It must have seemed miraculous to him that we should know already, but he took it all in the stride.

Now they were near the goal, and Leotichides was still leading by a stride.

Would it be Mabel, or would Rechid Bey stride in, to reproach or insult them?

With a stride Duncan caught his hand and crushed it in his own.

As he looked the flurry of skirts subsided and she fell into stride, pursuing.

Baumberger lengthened his stride, and so reached the spot first.

Rumour spreads quick, but the good mare's stride is quicker still.'