Drill [noun]

Definition of Drill:

practice, exercise

Synonyms of Drill:

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Sentence/Example of Drill:

The link is about as thick as the human skull, and Musk said it could plop neatly onto the surface of the brain through a drill hole that could then be sealed with superglue.

Collen gave Laney the green light after seeing her dominate early shooting drills in practice.

In 2017 and 2019, we went to the Greenland ice sheet to test a drill you could take to Europa.

During several trips to Greenland, he and NASA researchers tested a drill that can cut through hundreds of feet of ice, measuring organic matter and other “biosignatures” as it goes down.

They might also suggest which practice drills or recovery routines will help players perform best at the next matchup.

Coaches can create drills to help players focus on those shots.

His drill-like nose, his powerful fore-legs and big, strong feet all served to make him the fastest digger in Pleasant Valley.

A minikin three-and-a-half-feet Colonel, being one day at the drill, was examining a strapper of six feet four.

She rode the drill every day, like any soldier; and she could take the bugle and direct the evolutions herself.

They were learning how to drill, how to fire, how to dig ditches and build impromptu forts in haste.