Conditioning [verb]

Definition of Conditioning:

adapt, prepare

Synonyms of Conditioning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conditioning:

Sentence/Example of Conditioning:

There was a faint hum that built up all over the ship as the air conditioning came on at the same time.

Frankly, if it would do any good, I might even consider breaking one or two of the laws, and the devil with my conditioning.

Physical conditioning, systems of exercise, experimentation in chemotherapy are still being undertaken.

After ten years of study, our conditioning was to lift slowly, so that we would realize who and what we were.

I said our air-conditioning system goes haywire and that we were ripping out a thousand old boilers and coolers.

The trigger on Lee Falcaro's conditioning had to be the oath of citizenship as it was for his.

Some remarks on the conditioning of hawks will be found later on.

Dillon sent out a rush request for air conditioning equipment, omitted, by some mistake, from the supplies.

You turned me in back there because they don't give, citizenship to women and so your de-conditioning didn't get triggered off.

I used mengenlehre psychology algorithms to compute the conditioning on you and me, including the trigger release.