Program [noun]

Definition of Program:

agenda, list

Opposite/Antonyms of Program:


Sentence/Example of Program:

His program was as simple as the curriculum of a Persian youth.

The next day and the next evening Eleanore's program was carried out.

The program of entertainment was awful enough, if deadly mediocrity is awful.

Therefore our only weapons must be our own intelligence—at least that will be the program for Eyer and me.

He had watched a program just last month, and it had been startlingly lifelike.

Such a program should be a sample of what the pupils are doing and can do.

The program I have outlined is simpler in theory than in practice.

But, in the Air Service, we have a program that I believe will be more to your liking.

He listened in amused silence while the judge told him what the program was.

"We have one meeting a month when we have a program," Miss Holland explained.