Details [noun]

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The reader is referred to larger works upon urinalysis for details.

Not only have its fundamental principles been fully vindicated but in most details the working of the measure has been successful.

She gave details of the singular mood that had come upon her with the arrival of Tony, but Tom hardly heard her.

The two-thirds objective should be used as a finder, while the one-sixth is reserved for examining details.

I never trouble my head about details; it is enough, the man is a political refugee, and his object concealment.

He ought not to be in London now—it is stifling—went up for some business meeting or other—seemed to wish to avoid details.

My son gives the young men and women a complete wardrobe when they start out to win their way in life, and the details fall on me.

After the total oblivion of the matter in his waking moments, he will sometimes recall all the details of the affair in a dream.

A local publication gives full details of those who have looked—and perished.

The accounts of the train of events leading to the death of Comyn, though agreeing in essentials, vary considerably in details.