Arrangements [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Arrangements:

I am afraid, Monsieur le Marquis, that I shall be interfering with your arrangements?

Of course, special arrangements will have to be made for extremely large leaves.

I don't know much about the interior arrangements of Kullak's conservatory, because I only went to his own class.

He heard no word of Martini's; he saw nothing of his busy arrangements for their flight.

Various odd arrangements appear in the first attempts to outline arm and hand.

All were badly and insufficiently fed, as much from disorganized commissariat arrangements as from actual want of supplies.

It was Massna who commanded at Lobau and made all the arrangements for the crossing before Wagram.

Junot and Ney were openly contemptuous, Regnier hung back, and was three weeks late in his arrangements.

If I am your legal guardian, what right have you to question the arrangements made by your husband?

That done, Garnache left Rabecque on guard, and proceeded to make the necessary arrangements for the journey that lay before them.