Preparations [noun]

Definition of Preparations:

development, readiness

Opposite/Antonyms of Preparations:

Sentence/Example of Preparations:

The preparations for our reception at Adelaide were most elaborate.

We should recollect also that the season of peace is best adapted to these preparations.

Preparations which astonished the young guest already arrived.

These preparations caused no small anxiety to the Corcyraeans.

Kingozi occupied the time on the details of his preparations.

I set about the preparations for dinner, which was ready, as usual, at twelve o'clock.

The remainder of this day was taken up in preparations for their departure.

All these preparations had already cost him nearly four hundred pounds.

His preparations were finished just when the last straggler of the group was out of sight.

As she spoke, she moved hastily about the room, making her preparations to go.