Education [noun]

Definition of Education:

instruction, development of knowledge

Opposite/Antonyms of Education:

Sentence/Example of Education:

Simply listening to a lecture is not effective in the real world, and yet that largely remains the default mode of education online.

While Brunskill doesn’t believe there’s any silver bullet solution to fixing education or recruitment systems, he remains optimistic in Forage’s future.

A new study shows that academic medical researchers, who represent some of the most accomplished scientists with decades of education under their belts, are no exception to that trend.

Enormous investment in education going right the way back into the early 19th century.

In this bleak time for public education, I’ve been straining to decipher some silver linings.

It still starts at $329 or $299 if you’re an education customer.

RISE, a sports organization that pushes for social justice and another of Everfi’s partners, says it has partnered with the education company to establish curriculum that specifically addresses matters of race.

According to a report from the Malala Fund, which was issued last spring and updated in July, 20 million secondary school-aged girls could find themselves permanently out of an education even after the pandemic has passed.

It is education that gives us a society in which we can ensure that we are healthy and safe.

At least, in the sense that I would be more effective with education.