Finish [noun]

Definition of Finish:

conclusion; completion

Synonyms of Finish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finish:

Sentence/Example of Finish:

Then, knit three stitches and finish by increasing another one.

Then, as we approach the finish, we use it all up with a glorious sprint.

An impressive variety of layouts allows buyers to choose the one that best suits their lifestyle, although there are some signature elements intrinsic to the developer’s vision, like the bespoke finishes that were selected to stand the test of time.

With these shelves, you will undoubtedly save space while creating a custom way to organize whether that be by color, brand, or finish.

For the optimal training experience, select one journey to watch live from start to finish.

While most other brands were producing cloth-made options, Sakai felt that these were not the most hygienic, and she therefore sought out a factory and process that would ensure Evolvetogether masks were sterile from start to finish.

This is the pain that animates “Aftershocks” from start to finish, only in Owusu’s case, it becomes larger than a question of national identity.

Anodized aluminum alloy makes the ruler sturdy and lightweight and gives it an attractive matte finish.

No matter what, we’ll be live-blogging it all from start to finish, so be sure to join us back here on Tuesday evening.

There were many dramatic finishes over the weekend, but we’ll start with Saturday’s wild Miami-Las Vegas matchup.