Finis [adjective]

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Et ce jusques au temps & terme de six ans finis & accomplis, cpter du jour que ledit livre sera achev d'imprimer.

Now, indeed, the events were hastening towards the end of the sad drama, the finis poloniae.

Je finis la par vous assurer encore, Monsieur, que je suis tout a vous.

Finis exspectandus est in unoquoque hominum; animali ad mutationem promptissmo.

Lines of Browny's letters were fiery waving ribands about him, while the coldly gracious bow of the Lady wrote Finis.

And so, having nearly burnt a house down, and perhaps myself with it, I had written "finis" to my four-act play called Judas.

Prudy always added the word "Finis" at the close of her remarks each day, considering it a very good ending.

As the affair with Lobkowitz is now also come to a close, we may write Finis, though it far from fine is for me.

And now the very Schloss is dead; and there is finis to a human dust-vortex, such as is sometimes noisy for a time.

Finis of Ban, some eight months hence, has something of attractive as futility, the curious Death of a Futility.