Completed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Completed:

When the reserve transfers are completed checks in transit can no longer count as reserves.

That, too, is a process which in this changing new world of ours can never be completed.

This important rite was just completed, when a packet was put into Ripperda's hand from Spain.

Not having completed the loading of his gun, Tom hastily rode behind a dense bush, and concealed himself as well as he could.

A month later, he turned sharp round, ere half a morning walk was completed, and stumped back to the house.

Jean Baptiste laughed when he had completed the letter, picked up one of his books and looking through it, found the place.

A gaunt, hard-featured domestic completed this interesting family, and she was uncommon too.

Her soft white hand at that moment pressing the cross to her bosom, completed the picture.

He stepped gladly into the building and the door shut with the familiar thunder that completed the reconstruction of the past.

The captain begged permission to accompany us on shore; this was immediately granted, and the whole ceremony was completed.